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Who will be inducted to the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame?


The 2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees were announced last week with a total of 16 artists contesting the award. The inductees will be announced in December and the ceremony is expected to take place in April. For now, it’s time for us to discuss who are more likely to join the hall. To me, the five likely inductees are:


The iconic grunge band has everything in favour. April 5th 2014 will mark the 20th anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s death -which could even coincide with the date of the ceremony-. The band has also gotten a lot of buzz lately: Dave Gohl and Krist Novoselic had been performing together for over a year and a deluxe edition of the band’s latest album –In Utero– was recently released. Just for the record, it is also my personal choice. Nirvana is one of the greatest bands that had ever existed.


Peter Gabriel has already been inducted in 2010 as a member of Genesis. That’d certainly increase his chances. If he does so this year. He will become only the 19th artist to be included in the exclusive lists of people who had been inducted more than once.


Chic is actually a tricky choice. They are a disco band and since the award is about “rock n roll” (considering Donna Summer -inducted last year- she started and became famous within the rock scene) I’m not sure what they are doing there. And they have been there indeed. This is actually the band’s eight nomination but the first since 2011. Apparently this resurgence was caused by the fact that its leader, Nile Rodgers, have been collaborating with the French duo Daft Punk. So it’s probably going to be their time once and for all.


Rappers are definitely more “rock n roll” than funky artists -Run-D.M.C. were inducted in 2009- and despite there might be other more influential rappers LL Cool J is well beloved by the American music industry; has hosted the GRAMMYs for the past three years; and stars in a television program. This nod is also his ‘lucky’-third.


This is Linda Ronstadt’s first ever nomination despite the fact of being eligible for over twenty years. And, hasn’t she influenced “Rock and Roll”? She is not only a singer-songwriter of the 1970s. She’s also a feminist and political activist, a Primetime Emmy winner and a 10-time GRAMMY winner. However her nomination was most likely considered upon her announcement that she’s suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

The rest of the nominees include first-time nominees Hall and Oates, Link Wray, YES and The Zombies. Repeating the nods are The Paul Butterfield Blues Band, KISS, The Meters, Deep Purple, N.W.A., The Replacements and Cat Stevens.

By the way, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame website is holding an online poll asking fans for their favourite five nods. You can cast your vote here

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