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GoldDerby Forums’ users to organize their own on-line “music awards” Logo
Reference Image: Logo is one of the largest websites that tracks American showbizz awards’. Both experts and fans are there to predict the outcomes for the Oscars, Emmys, Grammys, etc… on a daily basis. It also runs a forum for users to discuss their predictions.

User james14 opened the GoldDerby Music Awards and is currently collecting the ballots for the nominations. The voting members are -off course- the forum’s users. The eligibility period is the same as the actual GRAMMYs (Oct 1/2012-Sep 30/2013)  and it features the same mainstream categories with some exceptions (such as combing Best Rock and Alternative Album).

The most interesting part of this “on-line game” would be, like he stated in the discussion:

…see how out[r] Forum choices match with the awards show.

Some critics have stated that in recent years the GRAMMYs have lean towards more commercially-successful records. And that is a fact. The 2010 line-up for Album of the Year featured nods that were below the 70-score on Metacritic. Some of the top critically acclaimed in past years such as Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy or Bon Iver’s self-titled album were completely snubbed for the award.

So now we have to wait who is going to recognize quality: NARAS’ voting members or the GoldDerby users.

The nominations are most likely to be out for next monday November 4th. Stay tuned.

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