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2013 American Music Awards case closed: It was Taylor’s year not JT’s

taylor-swift-amas-2013-650-430After much debate and against all odds (but Twitter) Taylor Swift took home Artist of the Year award. Before the show, I bet on Justin Timberlake taking the prize. But after I saw Florida Georgia Line winning Single of the Year. I found out that country music lovers really have a big say on this award’s show. And that combined to the “Swifties” army made Taylor win this award for the third time. She received a total of four awards, more than any other artist. In fact, she only lost one award: Pop/Rock Album to One Direction -who also won Pop/Rock Duo/Group.

Justin Timberlake, on the other hand, got three. So after all, it wasn’t his night at all. It was Taylor’s. 

As for my odds, I correctly predicted 8 out of 16 categories. However I wasn’t much surprised. However Florida Georgia Line beating Robin Thicke was quite a shock. But like I said those were the top three selling singles so anything could have happened. You can see the full list of winners here.

Now let’s talk about the show. All in all, it was far more entertaining than last year’s:

The best (vocal) performance 

Musically speaking, the best performance of the night came Imagine Dragons.  I never really paid attention to them live. But they sure rock. The vocalist handles himself very well with the drums. Speaking about them. Even though Dave Gohl’s was right about them being the only real “alternative rock” act in the line-up for the award. I didn’t really like the way he expressed himself about Mumford & Sons and The Lumineers -yes, they are no real rock bands but are no posers either-

The best (on-stage) performancesladygaga-rkelly-amas2013

Even thought I’m not a Gaga fan at all. I do appreciate her on-stage performances. However her latest appearances hadn’t as powerful as they used to be. But all this Obama/Monroe set-up was just marvelous. I really enjoy it.

As for Miley. Well, that performance was trip! The giant kitten wrapped the whole night up. And you have no idea how I regret not lighting up a joint before that performance. It was probably Taylor’s big year at award’s wins. But Miley has stolen every single award show she’s been invited for.

The greatest TV moment

Well,  Sarah Silverman’s words while presenting Soul/R&B Album were simply priceless. One of the greatest TV moments ever. And Justin Timberlake beating Rihanna was for sure very ironic.

(Rather) tributes

Upon watching the Celia Cruz tribute by J.Lo. I realized that it’s been ten years since she passed away. And what I can’t believe is that fact that the Latin Grammys totally missed that at their ceremony. That was pretty weird. ABC remembered her but not Univision? Was ABC trying to slap that on Univision’s and the Latin Recording Academy’s face? Or simply is the AMAs’ executive producer an Hispanic?  The AMAs are not actually very popular within Hispanics in the U.S. nor in Latin America.

As for the TLC performance. I’m glad I managed to see “Waterfalls” being performed live. Since it was one of the very first songs I’ve ever listened to. However I would have preferred they’ve showed a video footage of Left-Eye rapping in the original version. Lil’ Ma wasn’t bad but she couldn’t reach Left-Eye’s standards.

And now let’s remember that roughly trippy Miley vs. Space Kitten performance:

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