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56th GRAMMYs: The most likely contenders for Best Music Video


The GRAMMY Award for Best Music Video (formerly known as Best Short Form Music Video) honours videos for their concept and creativeness. Recipients include the performers; directors; and producers of the video. In recent years, this field has been dominated by non-mainstream acts. Despite the big names usually win. This year’s race, however, might be dominated by indie rock bands with surreal themes. Here are the five most likely contenders: 

VAMPIRE WEEKEND  “Diane Young” (Dir. Primo Kahn)

I might be a little subjective on this because is my personal favourite but nobody can deny this is an excellent made video. Based on The Last Supper and the fact that Jesus died young at 33. It has some high chances to score a nomination.

JANELLE MONAE & ERYKAH BADU  “Q.U.E.E.N.” (Dir. Alan Ferguson)

This one is possibly the closest thing to mainstream that will get here. This video is pretty visual. Set at some sort of museum that travels back and forward to past and futuristic decades.  The video won the VMA for Best Art Direction (which is truly amazing). And the featuring artist, Erykah Badu, was once nominated here for her 2008 video “Honey”

ARCADE FIRE  “Reflektor” (Dir. Anton Corbinj)

The Canadian ensemble has only recorded a handful of videos. And they all are pretty messed up (in a good sense). It is hard to describe this video. All we know is that contains many references to the “reflektor” they are talking about.

BAT FOR LASHES  “Lilies” (Dir. Peter Sluzska)

If you thought the previous video was a trip then you got to watch this one. It is most likely described as the musical version of Where the Wild Things Are. It was nominated for YouTube’s Innovation of the Year award and it probably lost because of lack of popularity.

BEACH HOUSE  “Wishes” (Dir. Eric Wareheim)

This one is a surreal venture to a high school football champ loosely based on the 90s American mystery series Twin Peaks. In fact, it features Leeland Palmer lip-synching Victoria Legrand (the band’s lead vocalist). It is also currently listed among the best videos of the year by several critics.

Other videos to look at:

  • Justin Timberlake & Jay-Z ─ “Suit & Tie”: To give Justin Timberlake the most possible nominations. This is his best video.
  • Miley Cyrus ─ “We Can’t Stop”: The Academy loves music videos that teaches you how to party hard ala “We Found Love”.
  • Atoms for Peace ─ “Ingenue”: A rendition to Radiohead’s “Lotus Flower”.
  • Toro Y Moi ─ “Say That”: Another retro video.
  • Disclosure ─ “White Noise”: Deals with all the wrong things from the urban life.

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