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Is the poll giving us a hint on this year’s nominees?

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Image taken from has launched a poll today for its visitors to cast their votes on which past GRAMMY winners do they think will be nominated this year. The poll list eight options: The seven artists you see in the image and any “Other”. Surprisingly enough, the latter option is taking the lead at 30% of the votes. Should this only be taken as a strategy to gain viewers for Friday’s Nominations Concert? Or is the Academy trying to give us a clue on who will be this year’s top nominees? If so, then big surprises are expected. 

On one side Justin Timberlake and Taylor Swift are expected to grab nods in the general field and thereby in their respective genres. On the other hand, Rihanna‘s ballad “Stay” is a likely contender for Song of the Year while Kanye West looks like he’ll get relegated again to the rap field. Both his album Yeezus and single “Black Skinhead” are considered dark-horses in the general categories at the expense of other urban records. Now, what about the rest?

Lady Gaga is only up for only one single “Applause” -submitted to Record, Song of the Year, Pop Solo, and Music Video-. While she stands as an outsider for Pop Solo if she manages to get into the general field it’ll be a major shock considering the lack of impact this single made. For those wondering about Artpop. It is deem ineligible since it was released in November and the deadline for submissions was September 30.

The most shocking inclusions here are Beyoncé and Paul McCartney. Neither of them were very active during the eligibility period.

Beyoncé’s only realistic chance seems to be for her autobiographical film Life is But A Dream for the Music Film category. On the other hand, “Rise Up” the theme song from the animated film Epic doesn’t seem to be gathering a lot of attention in the Visual Media field. And there are certainly stronger contenders for Record and Song of the Year. Her other thread could be for her husband’s (Jay-Z) song “Part II (On the Run)” but is yet to make any impact as it hasn’t either been released as a single or filmed in a video. Hence it should be submitted for next year’s.

McCartney could get nominated in the rock field for his Cobain alike performance “Cut Me Some Slack” featuring Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic. His chances in other fields are null and doesn’t seem to have any other material on the run. Just like Gaga, his latest album New was released after the eligibility period.

What do you think? Will all these past winners get nominated over newer acts like Macklemore or Lorde? Well, everything will be decided this Friday night. Stay tuned.

One thought on “Is the poll giving us a hint on this year’s nominees?

  1. I don’t think so. That website had so many irrelevant polls, this is just one of them. I’d like to see Paul McCarthey nominated in the rock field, though. The best indicator for the possible nominees is the performers at The Grammy Nominations Concert, which says Taylor,Macklemore,Robin Thicke and Lorde will get something big (and Katy Perry, too)

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