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56th GRAMMYs: Odds for Record of the Year


Odds and predictions for the 56th GRAMMYs have just kicked-off. Now that the nominees were released last week. Today we’ll take a closer look at the contenders for Record of the Year, considered as one of the two most prestigious awards -the other being Album of the Year-, which happens to include the five songs that shaped 2013 in music: Beginning with new year’s hit “Locked Out of Heaven”; song of the summer “Blurred Lines”; the rock hit of the year “Radioactive”; Rolling Stone‘s number-one song of the year “Get Lucky”; and “Royals” which wrapped up the music charts and radio stations.

Some interesting milestones were achieved in this line-up: Pharrel Williams becomes the second artist ever to be nominated twice in this category as a performing artist. Repeating Carole King’s steak at the 14th GRAMMY Awards, in 1972, who won for “It’s Too Late” while also being nominated for “You’ve Got A Friend” with James Taylor. On the other hand, Lorde at 17, is the third youngest artist to receive a Record of the Year nod following brothers Zac and Taylor Hanson, who were nominated at the age of 12 and 14 respectively for the 1998 Grammys for their megahit “MMMBop”.

Now, let’s take a closer look at this year’s nominees. They are listed in order of likelihood of winning:



  • Field / Genre: Pop / House-Funk
  • Billboard Hot 100 peak: #2
  • GRAMMY Record: Daft Punk (2 wins / 13 nods) Pharrell Williams ( 3 / 24 )
  • GoldDerby Odds: 8/11

This track has several things on its favour. First, it was both a commercial and critical success; second, live instrumentation at the hands of a veteran (Nile Rodgers plays the guitar); and the album from which the track comes (Random Access Memories) received an Album of the Year-nod. It seems as an easy win. However some people suggest that Pharrell might probably split the voting (with “Blurred Lines”) but at the end he is not the leading artist here and voters will probably recognize this more as a Daft Punk song.


IMAGINE DRAGONS ─ “Radioactive”

  • Field / Genre: Rock / Alternative Rock
  • Billboard Hot 100 peak: #2
  • GRAMMY Record: First-time nominees
  • GoldDerby Odds: 6/25

“Radioactive” is the sole rock representative in the entire general field. And this is definitely a plus. As rock/alternative tunes turn out to win this award against all odds. The biggest thread to Imagine Dragons are the rest of the contenders. Despite of having one of the best-selling singles of the year with sales of over 5 million. The Nevada quartet is not as high-profiling as the rest of the nominees.


LORDE ─ “Royals”

  • Field / Genre: Pop / Minimal music
  • Billboard Hot 100 peak: #1 (for 9 weeks)
  • GRAMMY Record: First-time nominee
  • GoldDerby Odds: 6/1

Dark pop song “Royals” happened to chart at the right time. Leading the New Zealand teenager, Lorde, to strike a Record of the Year-nod that not many people actually predicted. Since it was considered a lock only for Song of the Year but eventually scored both. What could prevent her for taking the top prize is (as I mentioned before) her youth. Voters don’t seem to like to reward underage acts very much, specially in the general field -the last being LeAnn Rimes back in 1997-. This track also seems to be threatening to become a one-hit wonder. However, this is not such a bad omen as Gotye’s last year win proved so.


BRUNO MARS ─ “Locked Out of Heaven”

  • Field / Genre: Pop / Pop-Rock
  • Billboard Hot 100 peak: #1 (for 6 weeks)
  • GRAMMY Record: 1 / 19
  • GoldDerby Odds: 15/2

Bruno Mars is the only contender that has already been nominated here as a performing artist. This is actually his third run. “Locked Out of Heaven” is also one of only two (the other being “Royals”) that also received a Song of the Year-nod. That seems to be like a perfect winning combination. But time is Mars’ arch-enemy. Despite a nomination -which is possibly his highest recognition- the fact that this track was released last Fall is what stops it from winning. Indeed, the reason why Mars has always been underrated at the GRAMMYs responds to the fact that by the time the nods get in. His records have already been overshadowed by others.


ROBIN THICKE FT. T.I. & PHARRELL ─ “Blurred Lines”

  • Field / Genre: Pop / R&B-Funk
  • Billboard Hot 100 peak: #1 (for 12 weeks)
  • GRAMMY Record: Robin Thicke (First-time nominee); T.I. (3 / 19); Pharrell (3 / 24 )
  • GoldDerby Odds: 6/1

Yes, “Blurred Lines” is the best-selling single of the year. Critics also happened to like it. It’s doing fairly well at odds. And it was considered a lock ever since it reached the charts last summer. But a nomination was good enough for this song. Among the rest of the contenders. It is the least likely to win. Songs lacking live instrumentation tend to be omitted in this category no matter how popular they are. This was also the most controversial song of the year with accusations of misogyny and plagiarism. And while this didn’t prevent a nod. It will certainly not bring them the honour of a Record of the Year win.

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