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Monday Music Mix (Week 5)


Welcome again to the weekly “Monday Music Mix” challenge from fellow blogger Steve.

For those who don’t know. Every week he’ll post three new questions with the answer being a song title. Here’s a reminder of the rules

(1) Go to the music player of your choice and put it on shuffle
(2) Say the questions aloud and press play
(3) Use the song title as your answers

Here are this week’s results:

Are you a good cleaner?

Je Te Vends Mon Âme (French for “I Will Sell You My Soul”)

Comments: Well… I have mixed feelings towards this one. I don’t think I’ll ever sell my soul to someone or something else. However, I regard it as something we all do when we pass away. Coincidentally, I’ve been reading a lot about reincarnation and the Tibetan Book of the Death. So, probably accepting to give away your soul is something that will help you to clean yourself up and eventually evolve. I think.

Do you hold grudges?


Comments: Even though I do reflect my anger or disappointment towards someone I’m pissed off at. I don’t really hold grudges at all. I tend to forgive a lot (I’m still debating on whether that’s good or bad) and simply leave it all behind.

A rock is thrown through your window with a note on it. It says….?

The Suburbs

Comments: First, Green Day showed up for two weeks in a row and now Arcade Fire did it the same week. Anyways, I think throwing stones at windows is something that teenagers do. And since I (just like much people) spent my teenage years in a suburb. So getting a note that says “suburbs” is something to recall your past. Sadly, since I grew up in this millennium nobody threw stones at my window. Everybody would simply text me 😦

Conclusion: This three songs have deep lyrics. They talk about falling in love, growing up, and the future. So, it is a “Monday Music Mix” to reflect upon.

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