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I was still oblivious when all these videos came out. However, they managed to get extensive airplay for the following years on the good ol’ days of MTV; so I was still able to discover them when they were still fairly recent. The 1990s Alternative scene was, in my opinion, the greatest decade for music. More than twenty years have passed now and they still sound innovative. For those who lived those years, this is an excellent journey to nostalgia. For those who didn’t, this is a good opportunity to explore some of the greatest art pieces humanity have created into music videos.

This list comprises videos from 1990 to 1995. Come back next week for a list for the late 1990s.

 #10 Beck ─ “Loser” [1994]

This low-budget music video, directed by the then-amateur filmmaker Steven Hanft, depicts a mash-up of clips that form a psychedelic journey throughout 1990s California.

 #09 Guns N’ Roses ─ “November Rain” [1992]

This classic rock tune was made into a video by Andrew Morahan and it follows the concept of the song about a singer mourning the death of his girlfriend. The two iconic elements of this video are Slash’s solo and Stephanie Seymour’s wedding dress.

#08 Smashing Pumpkins ─ “Cherub Rock” [1993]

A dark-haired and youthful Billy Corgan delivers this alternative rock classic, performing with his bandmates in front of a San Francisco forest setting. Corgan may have not liked it but it is still astonishing.

#07 Green Day ─ “Longview” [1994]

Billie Joe Armstrong, Tré Cool, and Mike Dirnt found themselves locked in a bedroom jamming out of boredom. The video was directed by Mark Kohr, who worked for them throughout the 1990s.

#06 Red Hot Chili Peppers ─ “Warped” [1995]

The most controversial wiithin Red Hot Chili Pepper’s videography. “Warped” was directed by Flea’s brother-in-law, Gavin Bowden, and features an unexpected and erotic ending.

#05 R.E.M. ─ “Losing My Religion” [1991]

Another classic turned into a majestic music video. Indian director, Tarsem Singh, blends baroque with the avant-garde movement of the late 20th century. “Losing My Religion” was awarded six VMA’s awards in 1991 including Video of the Year.

#04 Tori Amos ─ “Silent All These Years” [1992]

Tori Amos rolls inside a box as she delicately delivers this melancholic piano ballad. Photographer Cindy Palmano directed the video that rose Amos to stardom in the early 1990s.

#03 Pearl Jam ─ “Jeremy” [1991]

The video for “Jeremy” follows the real-life story of a Texas teenager who shot himself in front of a classroom in 1991. It depicts upsetting bullying slurs and everybody else, but ‘Jeremy’, are standing still. It was directed by Mark Pellington and won the 1992 VMA for Video of the Year and four more awards.

#02 Björk ─ “Army of Me” [1995]

No “best videos” list is complete without one of Björk’s masterpieces. In “Army of Me” the Icelandic artiste develops a bizarre terrorist plot where she wrestles with a gorilla dentist an sets off a bomb to awake her waxed lover. The director for the video, Academy Award-winner Michel Gondry, has been collaborated with Bjork throughout all her career.

#01 Nirvana ─ “Heart-Shaped Box” [1993]

Kurt Cobain made himself immortal with each of Nirvana’s songs (and videos). “Heart-Shaped Box” was directed by the legendary Dutch photographer Anton Corbijn. The video features surrealistic imagery as the band performs in an enchanted forest.

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    1. Well, Tori is no longer the crazy chick from the 1990s. She’s now a mother, with tons of plastic surgeries, who plays with an orchestra. I’m glad that Bjork is still magnificent

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