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I can’t believe I was not even 10 years-old when these videos came out; but, watching music videos on MTV was one of my favourite pastimes and they managed to shape my interest in music and even the type of person I am right nowadays. Back in those days; there was no Youtube and Internet access was limited so I had to rely on videotapes to record my favourite videos from the TV. If I wanted to watch one of them I’d have to rewind the tape back and forward! Yes, those were the days.

This list comprises videos from 1995 to 1999. See also: Best Music Videos of the Early 90s

 #10 Korn ─ “Freak On A Leash” [1999]

A bullet from a Korn’s poster goes out to the real world and back again without hurting anyone. This video was directed by two of the most prominent music videos/film directors of all-time, Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Farris, alongside cartoonist Todd McFarlane. “Freak On A Leash” won the Best Music Video at the 2000s GRAMMYs and two VMAs.

 #09 Nine Inch Nails ─ “The Perfect Drug” [1997]

Trent Reznor delivers this industrial rock anthem in a Gothic-themed Edwardian castle. “The Perfect Drug” was directed by Mark Romanek –who is known for working on Michael Jackson’s videos.

#08 Foo Fighters ─ “Everlong” [1997]

The video, directed by Academy Award-winner Michel Grondy, follows the story of a ‘married couple’ (played by bandmates Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins) fighting a pair of vandals who broke into their wooden house in the middle of the night.

#07 Green Day ─ “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)” [1997]

Mark Kohr directed the video for Green Day’s signature song “Good Riddance” where Billie Joe Armstrong sings and plays the guitar in a bedroom while snapshots of people, staring at nowhere, are displayed.

#06 The Verve ─ “Bitter Sweet Symphony” [1998]

In “Bitter Sweet Symphony” Richard Ashcroft, the Verve’s frontman, sings and walks on the streets of London completely ignoring everything and everybody else around him. This iconic video was directed by Walter Stern.

#05 Sarah McLachlan ─ “Building A Mystery” [1997]

Sarah McLachlan waits impatiently in a room for her lover who has sewed a skirt for her using stars. This beautifully-made video was directed by Alan Smithee.

#04 Björk ─ “Hunter” [1998]

“Hunter”, directed by Paul White, features a bald Björk shaking herself off as she reluctantly transform into a metallic bear.

#03 Daft Punk ─ “Around the World” [1997]

Another brilliant video directed by Michel Grondy is Daft Punk’s “Around the World” where five group of characters (mummies, skeletons, swimmers, athletes, and robots) represent an element of this iconic dance tune.

#02 Radiohead ─ “Paranoid Android” [1997]

It is hard to describe this bizarre yet marvelous music video. It follows an episode of Robin, a Swedish cartoon created by Magnus Carlsson —the video’s director.

#01 Smashing Pumpkins ─ “1979” [1996]

The video for “1979” was directed by Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Farris. It depicts a group of teenagers taking a neighbourhood for themselves. It was one of the very first videos I recall watching. More than eighteen years have passed, and I still listen to this song on a daily basis. Simply perfect.

4 thoughts on “Top Ten: BEST MUSIC VIDEOS OF THE LATE 90s

  1. Hi Tony. I only have #1, 2, 7 as files, not familiar with the rest. Yes, I find ‘Paranoid Android’ very strange. Not quite get it about ‘the bloody chop! chop!’, though. Do you have Rammstein’s and Coldplay’s already? They have some very high standard, I guess.

    1. I’ve never been a big fan of Coldplay or Rammstein. Though I think they’re one of the best bands (in their own genres and public). Rammstein does have some pretty cool videos like “Amerika” or “Ich will”

      Thanks for following

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