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ALBUM OF THE WEEK: Lana del Rey — Ultraviolence


The queen of sadcore —Lana del Rey— has partnered up with The Black Keys’ frontman Dan Auerbach to create one of the most outstanding music albums of the year: Ultraviolence, released by Interscope Records on June 17th. According to Billboard, Del Rey’s third studio album is expected to top the Billboard 200 chart next week. 

While her 2012 breakthrough Born to Die generated polarized reactions among critics and a limited fanbase —’hipsters’ and teenage girls—; Ultraviolence has been universally acclaimed. In this record, Del Rey has departed from her girly pop songs and pseudo Hip-Hop beats to create a smoother (and even darker) atmosphere . The album is very well structed: It opens with “Cruel World”, a mish-mash of Californian alt-rock and shoe-gazing; then a set of gloomy ballads (with a reminiscent of psychedelic rock) follows up; some trip-hop beats are heard on “F***ed My Way Up to the Top”; and wraps-up with a passionate rendition to the 1959 song “The Other Woman”.

Ultraviolence definitely represents the professional growth the 28 year-old the “Summertime Sadness” singer has been seeking to achieve in her four-year career.

Best tracks: “Cruel World”, “Brooklyn Baby”, “Pretty When You Cry”

Score: 4.5 stars out of 5

Now, listen to the latest single from this album “Brooklyn Baby”

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