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beyonce-2014-grammysIt is September 30th, 2014; meaning the eligibility period for the 57th GRAMMY Awards is officially over.

And as we wait for the nominees to be announced in early December, let’s take a quick look at the contenders for the ‘Big 4’ categories.

Album of the Year: Almost every music magazine, critics, and panelists have two sure bets for this categories; Beyonce’s self-titled fifth studio album, and Jack White’s sophomore album Lazaretto.

Record of the Year: In this category, we see Queen Bey again alongside her husband Jay-Z for “Drunk in Love”. The couple was already nominated in this category back in 2004 for their worldwide hit “Crazy in Love”. The other strongest contender is Pharrel Williams with “Happy”; However, there are concerns this track might be ruled out ineligible as it was submitted last year in the Visual Media field.

Song of the Year: Oscar-winning song “Let It Go” by EGOT recipient Robert Lopez and his wife Kristen Anderson-Lopez is the only definite contender for this songwriter’s award. Their closest rival seems to be Sam Smith (aka ‘The Male Adele’) for his soul-esque ballad “Stay With Me”, co-written with James Napier and William Phillips .

Best New Artist We have Sam Smith in the lead. And even if the British singer misses the other three categories. There is absolutely no way he will get snubbed here. There are no other big contenders but if Ariana Grande is submitted again, she will definitely take the spot she was denied last year.

Check back in the following weeks as I will be creating separate pages for the mainstream fields. In the meantime, you can take a look at a list of predictions in selected categories.


  1. The Grammy’s are a joke no reason to watch the same people win every year.Tamar braxton up for 3 awards last year won nothing no surprise looked good. Year month day she set billboards history. Ignored dismissed the Beyonce pharell jay z Kayne Justin Timberlake winners always and every time will set this year Grammy out tamar braxton snubbed again again and always

    1. I hear you there. One move I didn’t like from the Grammys is they got rid off a bunch of categories two years ago. They claim it was to prevent the same artists from winning over and over again, and to increase competition. But in reality, this change only gave a bigger advantage to big stars leaving lesser-known artists (i.e. Tamar Braxton) with less chances.

      However, the Grammys are and will always be the highest recognition for musicians and they are voted by music professionals. The AMAs, VMAs, People’s Choice those are jokes. Lol

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