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58th GRAMMY Nominees Announced: Analysis and reactions

3813bcd3d4accb7634eea23a2a7ab190.1000x1000x1The speculation is over. We know all of the nominees. And everybody is now talking about who got snubbed and who made a surprise. In reality, there were no major snubs or any jaw-dropping surprises.

Several media outlets talked about Justin Bieber and Luke Bryan getting snubbed, as they were among the top-selling artists of the year. However, commercial success is not a big indicator at the GRAMMYs. And also, neither of them were top contenders in the general field. Bieber, on the other hand, is a favourite to win Best Dance Recording. So, keep calm beliebers.

But the most hilarious ‘snub’ was that from One Direction. On Twitter, ‘Directioners’ went to war against the GRAMMYs for excluding their idols in these awards (that are not fan-voted). MTV backed them up on wrote an article asking “why have One Direction never been nominated for a GRAMMY?” claiming that if Backstreet Boys (produced by pop genius, Max Martin); NSYNC (with Justin Timberlake); and Boyz II Men (with soulful, powerful vocalists) have earned nominations, why not 1D? Well, I think I just gave you the reasons.

Anyways, back on track. The headliner here is Kendrick Lamar. He not only scored 11 nominations. He is now the second artist to receive the most nominations in one year. Only behind, the king of pop, Michael Jackson who scored 12 nods, thirty-one years ago, in 1984.

Anyways, let’s focus on the snubs and surprises and how I did on my predictions for the general and mainstream fields.


D’Angelo and the Vanguard “Really Love” was indeed a surprise. However, their album was a favourite for Album of the Year. In 2012, indie-rock band Bon Iver made a similar feat by grabbing nods for song and record of the year despite everybody predicted them for the album award.

“FourFiveSeconds” could be considered the snub here but the truth is this song did not make the huge impact that was intended for and its nomination was trembling. Anyways, Kanye and Paul were compensated in the rap field for their song “All Day”.


I underestimated The Weeknd’s chances in this category and I was the only predictor wrong.

Foo Fighter’s Sonic Highways did not really deserved a nomination here as there were better albums. This ‘snub’ was weird but not totally unexpected.

Chris Stapleton’s Traveller created a lot of buzz towards the end of the voting period. So, no surprise here.


I though “Can’t Feel My Face” was a shoo-in and “Budapest” would be the ‘WTF’ nominee. Neither happened. Instead, “See You Again” and “Girl Crush” got in but they were outsiders.

I am glad of the variety in this category. We hadn’t seen a hip-hop song since “All of the Lights” in 2012 or a country song since “The House That Built Me” in 2011.


Yes there was a big surprise. And I loved it.

Courtney Barnett is one of my personal favourites but I never expected to grab any nomination. Her debut album was critically-acclaimed but she is unknown outside of the alternative rock circle.

Hozier? Snub? Not really. He failed to score another hit besides “Take Me to Church” and his album was nothing special.


The only shocking thing was not having “FourFiveSeconds” in the Pop Duo/Group race. But as I mentioned above, this song was quite overrated. The rest of the categories came out as expected. Maybe nobody guessed James Taylor at pop album but he is a veteran with a wide appeal in the Academy.


Ironically enough, rock/alternative music are the genres I enjoy the most and the ones I have more knowledge of. But for some reason I cannot seem to figure out what the voters really want in this field. So, my predictions were horrendously inaccurate.

However, I am glad of the outcome. As a fan of women in rock music, I was pleased to see four women in line for the Best Rock Performance category. With three of them also contending for rock song.

Anyways, I scored poorly. I did not get any of the rock album nominees right. I only had Muse’s Drones as outsiders. However, the biggest shock here was that Sonic Highways did not even made it in this category. And that is because all of the Foo Fighters’ studio albums had been nominated for either the rock or alternative music album categories.

I was also quite surprised that the voters overlooked Ryan Adam’s rendition to Taylor Swift’s 1989.


Some called Sufjan Stevens a snub. I think the Academy simply does not like him. Most of his albums are acclaimed yet he’s never nominated.


I don’t really know much about R&B and there was not much discussion about this field. Therefore, I based my predictions solely on GRAMMY history and the Soul Train Awards.

Surprises: No Chris Brown. It didn’t seem to matter what Brown released, he’s always been a regular in this field.

Many were surprised by the nomination from the Australian experimental-soul band, Hiatus Kaiyote. However, they had already been nominated in the R&B Performance category two years ago.


Everything went as expected.

The real surprise here was Drake’s “Back to Back”. Yes, we were expecting Drake to sweep the rap field but we did not expect the controversial song to be nominated. “Back to Back” is officially the first ‘diss-track’ to be nominated for a GRAMMY.


No Luke Bryan? He is yet to receive a GRAMMY nomination. And the nominees for this year’s country field proved that the voters only like traditional country. That is why Zac Brown Band was also snubbed and Sam Hunt got lucky to receive the Best Country Album nomination.

To see how well I did with my predictions check out here.

In the following weeks, I’ll be presenting you with my favourite music from 2015 and the annual KuKo’s Choice Awards. Predictions for the winners will kick off after new year’s.

Stay tuned.

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