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I will be starting a new section: A weekly top ten countdown of my ten favourite recently discovered tracks. Let me warn you, they will come from both mainstream and independent artists, any genre (though must likely pop/rock and alternative music), and you might find songs in foreign languages. They are not necessarily new released songs during the last week but simply represent a way to share new music I discover.

For the week ending on February 21st, here are my favourite ten tracks:

#10 Shinobi Ninja — “What if Times”

#9 Aurora — “Conqueror”

#8 Weezer — “L.A. Girlz”

#7 Dreamers — “Shooting Shadows”

#6 DMAs — “In the Moment”

#5 Sunflower Bean — “Wall Watcher”

#4 Tokyo Police Club — “Not My Girl”

#3 Spring King — “Rectifier”

#2 Ray LaMontagne — “Part One: Hey, No Pressure”

#1 Wintersleep — “Santa Fe”

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