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TOP TEN: Favourite tracks of the week

2016 in music had been a bit slow to kick in. However, the month of April had seen a lot of anticipating releases and artists coming back after years out of the studio (Santana, PJ Harvey, Gwen Stefani). This top-ten ranking include songs from both mainstream and independent artists, and they could also come from anywhere in the world.

For the week ending on April 17, these are my ten favourite tracks:

#10 Daughter  — “Numbers”

The single “Numbers” by English band Daughter was originally released last November and had grown steadily among critics who are now considering it one of the best tracksof the year. The song incorporates elements of shoegazing, minimal pop, and trip-hop.

#9 Catfish and the Bottlemen  — “Soundcheck”

This is a feel-good song for all those who like a more subtle sound of 2000s post-grunge and pop-punk translated into new decade.

#8 Bear Hands  — “2 AM”

Late night stories are a recurrent theme in almost every music genre. Experimental rock band, Bear Hands could even crossover into the pop charts if this song keep on getting airplay.

#7 Audacity  — “Not Like You”

Is punk really dead? Probably, yes. But there are still bands who still can bring the essence of the golden age of punk music as it’s the case of Californian band, Audacity who is back on the studio after three years.

#6 Nika Kosharov & Young Georgian Lolitaz  — “Midnight Gold”

Nika Kosharov & Young Georgian Lolitaz are an indie-rock band from Georgia (the former Soviet republic). They will represent their country in the Eurovision Song Contest with an electro-rock song that will probably remind you of the late-90s band Luscious Jackson.

#5 The Last Shadow Puppets  — “Aviation”

Looking for a sound that preserve the essential sound of alternative rock music that emerged in the late 1980s? The Last Shadow Puppets, with heavy influences from Sonic Youth and Arctic Monkeys, is for sure your best bet.

#4 Yeasayer  — “I Am Chemistry”

Rock music is changing and the sounds that could redefine this genre are those that include psychedelic rock music, elements of EDM, and a touch of 2000s alternative rock. This is what Brooklyn-based act, Yeasayer are offering us from their new album, Amen & Goodbye.

#3 Car Seat Headrest  — “Fill in the Blank”

Six months after the release of their critically-acclaimed album, Seattle-based band Car Seat Headrest is already giving us new material. “Fill in the Black” is the first single of their upcoming new album, Teens of Denial.

#2 PJ Harvey  — “The Community of Hope”

Veteran alternative rock singer/songwriter, PJ Harvey is back on the studio five years after the release of her acclaimed album, Let England Shake. Her new album, The Hope Six Demolition Project, retain the folky/lo-fi sounds of its predecessor and keeps Harvey in the pedestal of rock musicians.

#1 Santana  — “Anywhere You Want to Go”

After three years on the studio, the legendary Latin/psychedelic rock band Santana materialized their twenty-third studio album, Santana IV, reuniting the band’s classic line-up for the first in four decades. “Anywhere You Want to Go” combines elements of tropical fusion music with Santana’s signature Woodstock-era psych-rock.

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