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TOP TEN: Favourite tracks of the week

With Beyoncé’s surprise album last Monday, almost every other release got overshadowed. But since I don’t have Tidal and I’m not a big fan to buy her music, I had to rely on the mathematical algorithms of Apple Music and then, Spotify for new music. I must say that I found an interesting mixture of 90s-influenced alternative rock tunes. They are also some known acts, though.

For the week ending on May 1st, here are my ten favourite tracks:

#10 “Stockholm (Remastered)” — In-Flight Safety

In-Flight Safety is a band from Nova Scotia (Canada) formed in 2003. I just discovered them thispast week, and I can see why their sounds are remarkably similar to those found among post-grunge/indietronica songs that emerged in the late 90s. “Stockholm” is part of their new EP released in March.

#9 “Fever” — Royal Tusk

This song, by Edmonton band Royal Tusk, had been around on my “recommendations” list for quite a while and I finally checked it out. Again, a nice tune with sorrowful grungy verses and a happy punk-pop chorus. However, the best part of the song is the guitar solo towards the end.

#8 “Vexatious” — Candlebox

Feeling nostalgic over early 2000s post-grunge? A veteran 90s band (with an almost entirely new line-up), Candlebox, returned last week with the release of their sixth studio album, Disappearing in Airports. “Vexatious” is the lead single.

#7 “DVP” — PUP

Who says punk is death? Well, today at a flea market I overheard people saying NOFX is a pop band. Well, genres change over decades and I guess PUP the band are 2010s punk. You decide:

#6 “Drive” — Lera Lynn

Lera Lynn, mostly known for creating music for the HBO series True Detective, sounds like an authentic female singer-songwriter within the alternative rock scene of the 90s. “Drive” is one of the songs of her most recent album, Resistor.

#5 “STYGGO” — The Dandy Warhols

Yes another comeback from the 90s. It is why I would call a “feel good pop/rock song”. I wonder why it has not hit the radio yet.

#4 “Empty” — Garbage

After a four-year hiatus one of the most emblematic bands of the 90s alternative rock era are back. Though Garbage sticks with their signature grungy/electronic rock sounds, the lyrics to this song are nothing like the Garbage you’ve been listening to for the last 20 years. Frontwoman Shirley Manson now writes about love. “Empty” is the lead single of their upcoming June album, Strange Little Birds.

#3 “Kill Me Baby” — Sundrones

I had to make sure this song was actually recorded in 2016. Joshua Maron, better known as Sundrones, is a Los Angeles artist and that’s all I know about him. Anyhow, “Kill Me Baby” drawing elements of 50s surf rock, 70s psych-rock and 90s grunge makes for the perfect rock song and one of the best songs of the year, if it gets enough exposure.

#2 “I’ll Never Go There Again” — Magic Wands

This was one of my coolest discoveries this week. Magic Wands are an L.A. “lovewave” band (as they describe themselves). Whether you categorize them, they are an excellent band with trippy sounds influenced by The Cure, Sonic Youth, and My Bloody Valentine. I highly recommend you to check out their second LP, Jupiter.

#1 “Only Hungry for You” — Viniloversus

Viniloversus are a Latin GRAMMY-nominated rock band from Caracas, Venezuela and “Only Hungry for You” is their first single in English. This song is also more radio friendly than their previous prog-rock sounds in Spanish, and they finish the track with a heavenly touch of psychedelia. Enjoy


2 thoughts on “TOP TEN: Favourite tracks of the week

  1. I really hope you get to hear Beyonce’s new album. Her album sounds different and less over produced. I believe she might be a strong contender for AOTY. She uses different generes in her album including country.
    Please tell me what you think whenever you hear it

    1. Thanks. And yes, I will hear (and watch) it as I’m now on Tidal. I’ll be posting my next Grammy predictions by the end of this month and I surely discuss some of Lemonade.

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