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59th GRAMMYs: Third quarter predictions

The Recording Academy has finally announced that the 59th GRAMMY Awards will be held on Sunday, February 17, 2017 and the nominations on December 6th. They also announced major changes in the eligibility, voting procedure, and in three categories.

Streaming-only releases are now eligible meaning an album like Chance the Rapper’s Coloring Book can now be nominated whether or not it Continue reading “59th GRAMMYs: Third quarter predictions”

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TOP TEN: Favourite new tracks of the week


On this week’s Top 10 of favourite new tracks there are returning acts after a few years off the studio and completely new artists I’ve never heard of. Among the new artists I discovered are NYC-based band The Mystery Lights whose psychedelic rock number “Follow Me Home” sounds like it was taking straight from the seventies; the psychedelic R&B-esque track “Acid Test” by Toronto artist River Tiber; seventeen-year old Declan McKenna with the blues-rock song “Bethlehem”; and the Local Natives a synth-pop band from Los Angeles. There are also new tracks from British folk-rock singer/songwriter Jake Bugg, indie pop Continue reading “TOP TEN: Favourite new tracks of the week”

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Rock isn’t dead but should be out of the mainstream

The song you’ve heard above is currently atop of the Billboard’s Hot Rock Songs, and is not like Billboard randomly classifies the genre of a song. This is what the so called rock —and alternative— radio stations and their streaming counterparts are playing in their catalogs. If you’re over  25 and you went through post-grunge, alternative rock, post-punk, pop-punk/emo you’re probably asking “is this rock?”, but if you’re a teenager you probably believe this is what rock music sounds like. Now, genres change over time but is it a song like twenty one pilots’ “Ride” the new rock of the 2010s Continue reading “Rock isn’t dead but should be out of the mainstream”


#PanAmericanSong: Vote now in the final

kuko3The voting for the #PanAmericanSong final has now begun! You can listen to the songs below and vote for your favourites. You can vote for as many songs as you want. The song which receive the most votes will be declared the winner of the pilot season of this game.

This final consist of the ten qualifying countries from the semi-final plus Canada, the U.S.A. and eight Caribbean islands. This is a more diverse group, where ten of the songs are in Spanish, nine in English and one in Creole. There is a good mixture Continue reading “#PanAmericanSong: Vote now in the final”


#PanAmericanSong: Semi-final results

kuko3The results of the #PanAmericanSong semi-final are in! First and foremost, I’d like to thank everyone who voted. A total of 165 votes were cast.

Ten countries will now join Barbados, Canada, Dominica, Haiti, Jamaica, Martinique, Montserrat, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and the U.S.A. in the final to ultimately choose the best song from the Americas.

There was a tie in the tenth place and to determine the qualifier, I decided to award the spot to the country which I received the most visits from. Continue reading “#PanAmericanSong: Semi-final results”


#PanAmericanSong: Vote now in the semi-final

kuko3The voting for the #PanAmericanSong semi-final has now begun. You can listen to the songs below and cast your vote. You can vote for as many songs as you like but you can only vote once. The ten most voted songs will advance to the final and join another ten countries.

In this semi-final only Latin American countries compete as a result nineteen out of the twenty songs are entirely in Spanish and one is in Portuguese. Below the songs, I have included the source where I selected them from.

The voting ends on June 21 at 23:59 PST (UTC-7)

Enjoy! Continue reading “#PanAmericanSong: Vote now in the semi-final”

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#PanAmericanSong (En Español)

Americas MapHola a todos,

Para aquellos que esten sufriendo de depression post-eurovision, o simplemente están entusiasmados con la Copa América Centenario, aqui les traigo un juego estilo eurovisivo para elegir la mejor canción de las Américas (norte y sur): #PanAmericanSong

El juego es bastante simple. Yo seleccione treinta canciones que representarán a diferentes países del continente.

La primera temporada de este juego será la piloto. Simplemente quiero ver a cuanta gente le atrae esta idea y de alli elaborar un juego mas desarrollado con jurado, scoreboards, audiovisuales, etc. Por lo tanto es asi: Habrán dos votaciones, a partir de encuestas, una Continue reading “#PanAmericanSong (En Español)”


#PanAmericanSong: An Online Game

Americas MapHi guys,

For those suffering from Post-Eurovision Depression, having online Eurovision-style games is a way to cope with it. During my teenage years I created the “International Song Contest” which still runs today under a new management. Therefore I’ve decided to create my own online game, which is meant to be annual and less time consuming.

PanAmerican Song is an online game where readers will select the best song from the Americas (North and South America). For this, I’ve decided to invite other Eurovision blogs like wiwibloggs, ESCToday, the Eurovision Times, Talk About Pop Music, Eurovoix, and my twitter followers with the #PanAmericanSong. Continue reading “#PanAmericanSong: An Online Game”

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TOP TEN: Favourite new tracks of the week


Since my last top ten of favourite new tracks I have unsubscribed from Apple Music (due to its terrible customer service) and Spotify Premium (it’s a dollar expensive than other music apps, lol), and I got myself into Tidal Premium mostly to hear Beyoncé’s new record.

Tidal is a great music app with a higher sound quality, more exclusivity, a better interface and almost everyone is there even Taylor Swift (except her 1989, I have it on vinyl anyways.) The only problem with the app is the fact that you cannot shuffle all of your music yet you can queue songs. Continue reading “TOP TEN: Favourite new tracks of the week”