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TOP TEN: Favourite new tracks of the week


Since my last top ten of favourite new tracks I have unsubscribed from Apple Music (due to its terrible customer service) and Spotify Premium (it’s a dollar expensive than other music apps, lol), and I got myself into Tidal Premium mostly to hear Beyoncé’s new record.

Tidal is a great music app with a higher sound quality, more exclusivity, a better interface and almost everyone is there even Taylor Swift (except her 1989, I have it on vinyl anyways.) The only problem with the app is the fact that you cannot shuffle all of your music yet you can queue songs.But the best thing about the app is its algorithm to recommend music which focus on new artists, specially on their “Tidal Rising” section. With a few odd rock music veterans, here is what I found this past week:

#10 “Tiny” by Dinosaur Jr.

Veteran alternative rock band Dinosaur Jr. is back on studio after four years with its original members. “Tiny” is their newest single which somehow reminds you to Foo Fighters’ “Big Me”

#9 “Wolves of the Winter” by Biffy Clyro

I haven’t listened to much ’emo’ hardcore since high school but Tidal recommended it and they sure got it right. “Wolves of the Winter” is your regular hardcore song featuring fantastic elements.

#8 “Afraid of Heights” by Billy Talent

Ontario band Billy Talent, another one of my high school soundtrack, returned with their new single “Afraid of Heights” from the album of the same name to be released in July. They are still truthful to their signature punk-pop sound.

#7 “I Am A Nightmare” by Brand New

Another punk-pop/hardcore/emo tune that makes you feel nostalgic about your high school years in the mid 2000s. This is Brand New’s most recent single since 2009.

#6 “Moon” by Beth Orton

Another returnee, the British songtress from the 90s came back with her seventh album, Kidsticks to mixed reviews but the track “Moon” gives Orton a new and more contemporary sound.

#5 “Heroin” by Kwesi Foraes

A powerful folk-rock song from Long Beach-based singer Kwesi Foraes, one of the most promising new artists of the year.

#4 “Female Vampire” by Jenny Hval

Recently named Best New Track in Pitchfork, “Female Vampire” is a most listen for those who love house music, art pop, and trippy sounds.

#3 “Drag Queen” by The Strokes

More and more bands are returning after years out of the studio. The Strokes dropped the EP Past Present Future including the new single “Drag Queen”.

#2 “Siberian Nights” by The Kills

The new single from the indie rock duo The Kills that feels like taken from a British spy movie. Their fourth album, Ash & Ice dropped this weekend.

#1 “Dead Eyes” by Adia Victoria

College-dropout Adia Victoria has been my best discovery at Tidal so far. Her debut album, Beyond the Bloodhounds contains elements of folk-rock, blues, and country that makes you feel you’re listening to a renewed female singer/songwriter from Lilith Fair. “Dead Eyes” is just the first single and her most played song, the album is one of the best I’ve listened to this year.

Which one did you like best? Vote for your favourite song:

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