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TOP TEN: Favourite new tracks of the week


On this week’s Top 10 of favourite new tracks there are returning acts after a few years off the studio and completely new artists I’ve never heard of. Among the new artists I discovered are NYC-based band The Mystery Lights whose psychedelic rock number “Follow Me Home” sounds like it was taking straight from the seventies; the psychedelic R&B-esque track “Acid Test” by Toronto artist River Tiber; seventeen-year old Declan McKenna with the blues-rock song “Bethlehem”; and the Local Natives a synth-pop band from Los Angeles. There are also new tracks from British folk-rock singer/songwriter Jake Bugg, indie pop band Two Door Cinema Club, post-punk British band Spring King, Americana group The Avett Brothers and British Columbia band Hot Hot Heat.

Check out this week’s Top 10

10. “Villainy” — Local Natives

9. “Acid Test” — River Tiber

8. “Are We Ready (Wreck)” — Two Door Cinema Club

7. “Bethlehem” — Declan McKenna

6. “Kid Who Stays in the Picture” — Hot Hot Heat

5. “Rule Number One” — Sleigh Bells

4. “Detroit” — Spring King

3. “Satan Pulls the Strings” — The Avett Brothers

2. “Follow Me Home” — The Mystery Lights

1. “Love We’re Hoping For” — Jake Bugg

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