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Twitter eurofans to choose Best Eurovision Song of All-Time

20130604_abba_460x260For eurofans the Eurovision Song Contest is never over, and when the real thing is not happening we come up with post-Eurovision games to cope with the absence of the contest for another year.

English eurofan @karljcompton launched a twitter competition to search for the best Eurovision entry ever by gathering a total of 100 jurors (two per each participating country) composed of eurofans from all over the world.

All of the fifty countries that still exist and had competed in Eurovision at least once are competing for the title. They were divided into two semi-finals, from which ten countries will qualify Continue reading “Twitter eurofans to choose Best Eurovision Song of All-Time”


#PanAmericanSong: The results!

After kuko3three weeks of voting, the final results of #PanAmericanSong are now here.

Between the semi-final and final there were a total of 223 votes cast. Thanks to everyone who voted! It was a good outcome. However for another edition I’d partner with other Eurovision-related blogs for something much more elaborated.

Here are the results:

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Top Ten: Best Venezuelan Bands

Juldia-de-la-independencia-venezuela_001y 5th is independence in Venezuela, my country of origin. And right now Venezuela is all over the news for all the wrong reasons but we are not going to talk about that. Today we are going to celebrate my country by giving you the ten Venezuelan bands and duos I consider the best.

Venezuela is geographically located in South America. However 80% of its population lives along the Caribbean coastline, therefore the music of choice is tropical. Some of the biggest names in this genre include Oscar D’León and Guaco. But this country is home to 30 million people and Continue reading “Top Ten: Best Venezuelan Bands”

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TOP TEN: Best Canadian Artists


It is July 1st and is the national holiday of my adoptive country, Canada. And because of this special occasion I’ve decided to create my top ten of Canadian artists I consider the best. Canada has plenty of them and some of the most iconic names in modern music such as Neil Young, Leonard Cohen, and Bryan Adams to the powerful voices of Céline Dion and k.d. lang as well as some of the current global superstars like Justin Bieber and Drake. However, this is a list of my favourites:

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