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Eurovision 2017: My thoughts on the Semi-final 1 participants


Eurovision 2017 will kick off in 38 days. And there’s a lot of drama going on: Ukraine banned the Russian entrant, Verka Sarduchka is pissed, the EBU threatened Ukraine, the stage is still under construction, there’s a naked ape dancing, and of course Australia. Welcome to Eurovision 2017!

Let’s take a look at the songs from semi-final 1 in their running order:

I’m pretty sure the only reason this song won melodifestivalen was because of the treadmill. The song is just plain, it reminds me of “You Are the Only One”; good technical show, and pure muscles and nothing else.

“…Your love is freaking beautiful”, c’mon Sweden! You had send more meaningful songs before.

Tamara does have a good voice but we already have enough drama in Eurovision, specially with all this Russia-Ukraine feud. We don’t need to watch terrorists and refugees being drowned, nope.
You thought Australia wasn’t coming back to Eurovision? Yeah, right. This year is yet another power-ballad very Eurovision style: melodramatic and full of sparks. It’s funny how Australians are better at producing Eurovision numbers than Britain.
Well Lindita’s vocals are not very clear. The song is not bad, somehow Game of Thrones meets Pocahontas’ Colours of the Wind.
After last years happy go lucky tune, the Belgians brought some dreamy and darker pop. Blanche somehow reminds me of a Lana del Rey on molly as oppose to LSD. I can’t wait to see this one live. Potential top 5!
I’d preferred this to open. Anyways you have Slavko shirtless on stage with that long skirt and the ponytail, and he’ll give Montenegro its best result. He did promise a controversial custome. The song is also quite good; a Latin-flavoured ethno-pop tune. Rock it to the stars!
This is a band, I know it’s weird. It’s a Norse-esque ballad with Disney influences. The girl sings pretty good, the piano solo is melancholic. A decent entry.
This is the best Azerbaijani entry I’ve ever heard. This time they actually went for something different. A dark-pop song with eerie lyrics. One of my personal favourites this year
Portugal took a year off and came back with their best entry yet. The song is actually a quirky vintage-styled jazzy number entirely in Portuguese. Somehow it feels as if Woody Allen filmed “Salvador Petra Lisboa”. Beautiful lyrics, by the way.
Greece is not putting that much effort in Eurovision anymore. This one sounds like a rip-off from the 2015 opening number “Building Bridges” alongside the lyrics of Petra Medes’ “Peace Peace Love Love”.
Over-produced strings, melodramatic lyrics, vocals are good. Euro fans seem to love this. I personally don’t find anything special.
The “Epic Sax Guy” had his moment with “Run Away”, a much better entry. This one is nothing special and doesn’t even feel original. I keep on thinking of the Black Eyed Peas “Hey Mamma!”.
“Paper, you cut right through…” I hope the producers bring paper holograms and start cutting Svala in pieces. Anyways, I think this song is easily forgettable.
A Sara Bareilles type of ballad. Marta does provide excellent vocals. But Considering the extravaganza Eurovision is, this one might go unnoticed.
Ethno-pop by a 20 something X factor singer. We heard it before. Again, nothing special, NEXT!
This is a much better ethnic-pop number with more exotic sounds and better lyrics, visuals prone to be psychedelic. Arvstik also has dreamy vocals that’ll make you fly away with her. And it is one of the most original Armenian entries
Flashback! Omar Naber happened to compete in Kyiv too. And had he entered this song back then (2005), he’d probably qualified. Omar has a great voice but this song with cheesy lyrics feels very dated. And wait? What’s with the glove? Is he trying to be Hovi Star???

Very house club, Saturday night, lets party. I like the electric guitar. But that’s about it, the lyrics make no sense and it needs a lot more of visual stimuli.

Who SHOULD qualify? Portugal, Belgium, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Montenegro, Finland, Czech Republic, Australia, Slovenia, Latvia.

Who WILL qualify? Sweden, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Australia, Belgium, Portugal, Poland, Greece, Latvia, Moldova.

The first semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 takes place on Tuesday May 9 at the International Exhibition Centre in Kyiv.

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