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Eurovision 2017: My thoughts on the semi-final 2 participants


Keeping up with my Eurovision reviews, this is my second semi-final where Russia competes, by the way. It seems Russia is competing with Yulia Samoylova, as they have filmed their postcard. And I can’t keep on waiting for the Ukrainian government’s decision, so I’m reviewing the second semi-final participants according to their running order.

The archetypal Eurovision diva song. That’s why I totally understand the appealing, then again the song has a boring tempo and lacks an exciting climax.

This is one has an early Ed Sheeran feeling. It is just a simple, happy-go-lucky song. Not very Eurovision-like, though Nathan is charismatic enough to grab some votes.

Controversy aside. To me, this is Russia’s best entry in years; not a cheesy peace anthem like “A Million Voices” nor the shallow “You Are the Only One”. It is a simple 80s-influenced love song that Yulia delivers genuinely.

(FYRO) Macedonia
Excellent song! The best Macedonian entry to date and one of my favourites this year. It is a dance-pop tune with an 80s vibe about aging and loneliness, and such a beautiful concept video.

Of course, we need a melodramatic soap opera performance every year (last year was Macedonia’s Kaliopi). With the cheesiest song title of the year, here is the Maltese version of a mid-90s Celine Dion.

I have no idea why people like this track. It is simply rambling lyrics and annoying “yodeling” and rapping.

The girls from OG3NE have amazing voices, the song is about a fight your demons deal, which is far. but still, the song feels more Junior Eurovision than Eurovision.

Much like Bosnia’s entry last year, the song is a mind-bending ethno-pop tune featuring psychedelic vocals and beautiful instrumentation. Near the end, the song, however, is destroyed by an out of place rap.

Anja is a much better Eurovision diva. The tempo is about right, better vocals, wind machine, and intense red lighting. It is a well produced Eurovision number.

Ireland just keeps getting worse every year. Not necessarily because their entries are bad, but a lack of charisma and extravaganza the contest requires. I’m going to give this song the benefit of the doubt and wait for the live performance, might chance my mind.

Isn’t there any other artist in San Marino than Valentina? Valentina was much better with “Crisalide” and “Maybe”. She might have the charisma to do a disco-influenced number but it doesn’t show her real singing skills. And well, the other guy, whoever he is, just a filler.

Schizoperaticpopextravaganza! watch and judge yourself.

This is JOWST featuring the uncredited vocals from Aleksander Walmann. I have no idea why this guy doesn’t get the credits. Anyways, it is a chilling house tune something between Daft Punk and Diplo.

A very generic europop song that could easily go unnoticed.

This is Of Monsters and Men but in Belarusian. It’s nice to hear national languages on the Eurovision stage. Quite a risky choice that might go well or horribly wrong, you either hate it or love it.

And no we have the first Eurovision participant born in the 21st century. The song is what Justin Bieber would have sounded like had he been from Eastern Europe. Some say he might beat Italy and Sweden.

I don’t understand where all the “rain of revolution” comes from? I think the Lithuanians might need more than good lighting to qualify this year.

My favourite Estonian couple is still Elina Born & Stig Rasta. This song doesn’t make sense at all. Some Romeo and Juliet lost between the crowd of the street, like two boats sailing; good tune, rambling lyrics.

Yes, yes very Rave on the Mediterranean type of deal. But there’s nothing else to it. And then again why do all Israel’s promotional videos have an “I ❤️Tel Aviv” message. Is this suppose to be a tourist ad? Maybe

Who WILL qualify? Bulgaria, Israel, Denmark, FYRO Macedonia, Romania, Russia, Estonia, Austria, Serbia, Hungary.

Who SHOULD qualify? FYRO Macedonia, Austria, Hungary, Norway, Denmark, Russia, Israel, The Netherlands, Bulgaria, Belarus.

The second semi-final of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest will be held at the International Exhibition Centre in Kyiv, Ukraine on May 11th.

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