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Eurovision 2017 reviews: Big 5+Ukraine

After all the Russia drama ended and they eventually withdrew. If you missed my thoughts on the semi-finalists click here and here. Now it’s time for Ukraine (host country) alongside the “Big Five”. These are the countries that though they put the most money into the contest, not necessarily the best songs.

But this year is different; Italy is the hot favourite to win, France is a potential top 5 finish, anything can happen to the UK, Germany might finish last again, and Spain, well.

Here are the pre-qualified entrants for the 2017 Eurovision final:

I’ve liked all of the recent French entries (except that a few years ago). But France has put much more effort since Amir, and this years’ is no exception. “Requiem” is a uptempo dramatic entry, very French, and Alma does a great job switching to English in the chorus. A potential Top 5 winner.

Ripping off the intro from David Getta’s “Titanium” is Germany’s “Perfect life” by Levina. I think they are trying to break the record of most last places in a row. Because much like last years’ “Ghost”, this one is also easily forgettable.

This year’s favourite and I think it certainly will win. And though it might sound as a gimmicky entry because of the naked ape dancing thing. “Occidentali’s Karma” is one of the most serious songs to ever compete. A satirical pop song that focuses on the shallowness of our western society and how we have to find refuge in eastern philosophies. Francesco Gabbani manages to create a true Eurovision anthem with clever lyrics.

This is one of the worst Spanish entries I’ve ever hear. And like “do it for your lover, clap your hands” what exactly are you going to do for your lover. This is just a song from the cute college dude who knows how to play the guitar and is into surfing. Easily forgettable. Apparently, there’s going to be some amazing staging. However, I believe Manel is not charismatic at all. My prediction: 23rd place (one worst than Barei).

The last time Ukraine send an all-male band was back when they host in 2005 and was something completely different: hip-hop, this years’ act is a Tool-influenced alternative rock number. A pretty decent song, with an apocalyptic staging. It might grab some points so it won’t finish bottom five.

This is definitely UK’s biggest effort since Andrew Lloyd Webber in 2009. This time they went for a former Eurovision winner-penned song (Denmark’s Emmelie de Forest). Another decent entry that’d certainly rely on good staging and how energetic Lucie Jones’ performance is. Will she be affected by Brexit? Considering Australia is in? C’mon guys!

The final of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest will take place at the International Exhibition Centre in Kyv, Ukraine on May 13.

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