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59th GRAMMYs: Predictions for the Rock and Alternative fields


The rock field is my favourite and the one I have more knowledge of (when it comes to artists and recordings) however it is the hardest to predict. This is mainly because the screening and voting process is constatntly changing. Last year nominees were reviewed by the committee of voting members. The result was that newer bands gathered nominations leaving veterans and chart-toppers behind. This is not the case for the 59th GRAMMYs, however only those with expertise on rock music will be able to vote in this field. Because of this we might see a resurgence of veteran rock Continue reading “59th GRAMMYs: Predictions for the Rock and Alternative fields”

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59th GRAMMYs: Predictions for the pop field


At last some of the most important submissions for the 59th GRAMMYs had been leaked giving us a refreshed view on the possible nominations.

And we begin with the pop field packed with the biggest hits of the year, dance club tunes, teen-pop realness and of course Adele. Some of the early contenders such as Coldplay, Paul Simon and the 1975 had been switched to rock whereas Lady Gaga did not submit anything, despite “Perfect Illusion” being eligible.

Here are the odds for the pop field. Songs are listed in order of likelihood of being nominated.

Best Pop Solo Performance Continue reading “59th GRAMMYs: Predictions for the pop field”

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58th GRAMMYs: Who is winning Album of the Year?

Image from Twitter @CBSThisMorning

A Southern rock band teamed with some of the best producers in the industry; a Compton rapper who created one of the most critically-acclaimed albums of the decade; a Nashville songwriter who stunned the country music world with his solo debut; a pop star who had the highest grossing tour in the world this past year; and a Canadian singer who dominated the charts with a soulful voice and drug-induced lyrics. That’s the profile of the five outstanding nominated artists for Album of the Year (AOTY).

Even though the Academy treats the big four categories Continue reading “58th GRAMMYs: Who is winning Album of the Year?”

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58th GRAMMYs: Odds for the Country field

Wrapping up the predictions for the mainstream fields is Country. This field contain four categories: solo performance, group or duo, and the regular songwriters’ and album awards.

Bluegrass, folk, and Americana artists no longer compete here as they know have their own field: “American roots”. The result is a group of nominees that are strictly country, though some of them do have pop, rock, or blues influences.

Chris Stapleton dominates the field with three nods. Ashley Monroe and Little Big Town are in twice. The rest of the nominees only appear once.

Let’s take a look at the odds for Continue reading “58th GRAMMYs: Odds for the Country field”

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58th GRAMMYs: Odds for the Rap field

Now it is turn for the rap field which consists of four categories: rap-only performance, rap and sung collaboration and of course the regular songwriters’ and album’s awards.

Determining eligibility in the rap field is quite easy. Basically if you’re rapper, this is where you fit and that could be why the field has never been called “hip-hop”. Many hip-hop singers end up in R&B.

After pop the most commercial and talked-about field is rap and this year’s contenders include some of the biggest names in today’s music like Nicki Minaj, Kanye West, Drake and Kendrick Lamar. The latter two Continue reading “58th GRAMMYs: Odds for the Rap field”

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58th GRAMMYs: Odds for the R&B field

Unlike the rest of the mainstream fields, the R&B field have five categories instead of four. Similar to rock, it has a category for best performance, for a sub-genre performance (traditional R&B), songwriters’ award and two other categories for albums (R&B and urban contemporary).

Just like the category for Best Alternative Music Album, the Urban Contemporary Album is also hard to define. The Academy defines it as an award “for artists whose music includes the more contemporary elements of R&B and may incorporate production elements found in urban pop, urban Euro-pop, urban rock, and urban alternative”. In colloquial terms this Continue reading “58th GRAMMYs: Odds for the R&B field”

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58th GRAMMYs: Odds for the Rock & Alternative fields

The rock and alternative fields in the GRAMMYs tend to go hand-in-hand. Since there are no performance or songwriters’ awards in the alternative fields, most alternative artists have their songs submitted to rock.

Furthermore, it isn’t clear what the Academy considers “alternative”. It is defined as a “non-traditional” genre that exists “outside of the mainstream music consciousness”. In that case Beck who competed in the Alternative Music Album for years, was moved to the rock field last year. Jack White, as a member of the White Stripes, won three times the best alternative album category. His first solo album, however, competed
Continue reading “58th GRAMMYs: Odds for the Rock & Alternative fields”

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58th GRAMMYs: Odds for the Pop field

Image from
Image from

The Pop field have four categories that award the best in pop music. And not exclusively pop but also crossover hits from artists from other genres such as rock, dance, R&B, alternative and sometimes country.

This year’s race is dominated by Taylor Swift. Taylor received three out of the possible four nominations of the field (as she’s ineligible in traditional pop). Kelly Clarkson and Florence + the Machine gathered three nods each. These three women are also facing each in the Best Pop Vocal Album category.
Let’s take a look now at the odds for each category:

Continue reading “58th GRAMMYs: Odds for the Pop field”

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58th GRAMMYs: Odds for Best New Artist

Image from Twitter @CBSThisMorning
Image from Twitter @CBSThisMorning

You already got the odds for two of the big four awards at the GRAMMYs, Record of the Year and Song of the Year. Now, it’s time to take a look at Best New Artist.

The Best New Artist (BNA) award goes to the artist(s) only. Academy guidelines described it as the award “for a new artist who releases, during the Eligibility Year, the first recording which establishes the public identity of that artist.”

There’s been much discussion and controversy on what is considered a “new” artist. For example, in 2001 country singer-songwriter Shelby Lynne won this Continue reading “58th GRAMMYs: Odds for Best New Artist”

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58th GRAMMYs: Odds for Song of the Year

Image from Twitter @OnlyHipHopFacts
Image from Twitter @OnlyHipHopFacts

In less than a month the winners of the 58th GRAMMYs will be revealed. It is now time to take a look at the odds for Song of the Year also part of the “big four” categories in the general field.

Song of the Year is the award for the best song and it goes to the songwriter(s) only. There are songwriters’ awards in most of the fields: Rock, R&B, rap, country, American roots, Gospel/Christian music, and visual media (for those made for films, TV, etc…)

As you’ve noticed there is no “Best Pop Song” category. A Continue reading “58th GRAMMYs: Odds for Song of the Year”