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Discovering music from Barbados


While we wait for the 2018 #PanAmericanSong contest to kick off. It is time to discover music from the participating countries of the last edition. Today, we take a look at the music from Barbados.

Barbados is an in the Caribbean’s Lesser Antilles, located west to the northern Atlantic Ocean. The music of Barbados is influenced by traditional African rhythms and Western pop music. The most popular genres in the island country are calypso, spounge, and jazz.

In the 2017 edition of #PanAmericanSong, Argentina was represented by soca singer, Marvey and the song “Know the Face”.

Other breakthrough Barbados artists are:

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Discovering music from Argentina


While we wait for the 2018 #PanAmericanSong contest to kick off. It is time to discover music from the participating countries of the last edition. Today, we take a look at the music from Argentina.

Argentina is located in South America. It is one of the largest countries in the continent with a population of more than 43 million people. Argentina is mostly known for its tango, which is a type of dance with African roots that developed in the poor neighbourhoods of Buenos Aires. However, the Argentine music scene is huge and has produced many internationally known stars in genres like folk, pop, and rock.

In the 2017 edition of #PanAmericanSong, Argentina was represented by pop singer Abel Pintos and his song “Oncemil” (Eleven thousand).

Other current Argentine artists include:

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59th GRAMMYs: End of submissions predictions


The nominations for the 59th Annual GRAMMYs are almost around the corner as the eligibility period ended on September 30th, meaning all records released after this date will have to compete in next year’s edition. And while we wait for the submissions’ list, let’s speculate on the possible contenders.

Who will get the most nominations?

Three artists are considered locks for the general field: Adele, Beyoncé, and Drake. Whether they achieve nominations in the three major categories (Album, Record and Song of the Year) remains to be seen but they all have a chance to grab 6+ nods.

Adele’s 25 was not as stellar Continue reading “59th GRAMMYs: End of submissions predictions”

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Twitter eurofans to choose Best Eurovision Song of All-Time

20130604_abba_460x260For eurofans the Eurovision Song Contest is never over, and when the real thing is not happening we come up with post-Eurovision games to cope with the absence of the contest for another year.

English eurofan @karljcompton launched a twitter competition to search for the best Eurovision entry ever by gathering a total of 100 jurors (two per each participating country) composed of eurofans from all over the world.

All of the fifty countries that still exist and had competed in Eurovision at least once are competing for the title. They were divided into two semi-finals, from which ten countries will qualify Continue reading “Twitter eurofans to choose Best Eurovision Song of All-Time”

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57th GRAMMYs: Predictions for the Country field

The country field usually features traditional country music versus the current alternative/country pop trend. And this year there is no exception as big name, middle-of-the-road, and breakthrough artists are all in contention. And, here are the predictions:

Best Country Solo Performance

  • Miranda Lambert — Automatic
  • Carrie Underwood — Something in the Water
  • Eric Church — Give Me Back My Hometown
  • Hunter Hayes — Invisible
  • Cole Swindell — Chillin’ It

Two women can be considered the strongest bets in this category: Former winner, Miranda Lambert who’s been on the GRAMMYs radar for the last four years, should have no problem with “Automatic”, the 2014 CMA winner for Single of the Year. Continue reading “57th GRAMMYs: Predictions for the Country field”

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Due to some technical difficulties, I was not able to update the blog for a month. But now, I’m fully back on track promising to update weekly, and hoping the blog to grow more. In the meantime, there are some new features I’d like to share with you

  • A brand new layout (Powered by Twenty Fourteen)
  • A new section MUSIC OF THE WEEK that will feature a reviews for the ‘best album of the week’ and newly-released tracks.
  • (Stay tuned) The GRAMMY Awards section will also be revamped to include more data and predictions on each of the mainstream fields.

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Weekly Music Mix #9


Welcome again to the weekly “Music Mix” challenge from fellow blogger Steve.

For now. Every week he’ll post three new questions with the answer being a song title. Here’s a reminder of the rules

(1) Go to the music player of your choice and put it on shuffle
(2) Say the questions aloud and press play
(3) Use the song title as your answers

Here are this week’s results Continue reading “Weekly Music Mix #9”