grammy-award-2180c5ff1f64bce5The 59th Annual GRAMMY Awards will take place in February 2017 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

The eligibility period ranks from October 1, 2015 to September 30, 2016. And as we wait for December, you can catch the latest predictions for the general field.

The predictions below are not, by any means, my personal favourites. They are determined by GRAMMY record history, commercial success, critical acclaim, pundits predictions, and buzz (media coverage, forum discussions, etc.)

59th GRAMMY Award Predictions

(Last Updated: 09/30/16) — Records are placed in order of likelihood of getting nominated


 220px-adele_-_25_28official_album_cover29  220px-beyonce_-_lemonade_28official_album_cover29  c16287e16fcdaf2b2d9bec0b5634641f-600x600x1  220px-justin_bieber_-_purpose_28official_album_cover29  bowie-blackstar







Justin Bieber

David Bowie


220px-adele_-_hello_28official_single_cover29 220px-justinbieberloveyourself 220px-drakeonedance 220px-justin_timberlake_-_can27t_stop_the_feeling 20160911225515sia_cheap_thrills


 “Love Yourself”
Justin Bieber
 “One Dance”
Drake ft. Wizkid & Kyla
  “Can’t Stop the Feeling!”
Justin Timberlake
 “Cheap Thrills”
Sia ft. Sean Paul


 220px-adele_-_hello_28official_single_cover29  220px-beyonce_-_formation  220px-justinbieberloveyourself  220px-7-years-by-lukas-graham  220px-miranda_lambert_vice

Adele & Greg Kurstin

Khalif Brown, Jordan Frost, Asheton Hogan, Beyoncé Knowles & Mike Will Made It
 “Love Yourself”
Justin Bieber, Benjamin Levin & Ed Sheeran
 “7 Years”
Stefan Forrest, Lukas Graham & Morteen Ristorp
Miranda Lambert, Shane McAnally & Josh Osborne


chance_3 220px-alessia_cara_-_know_it_all 220px-maren_morris_-_hero_album_cover 220px-kelsea_ballerini_-_the_first_time_album_cover 220px-bouquet_ep_cover_art
 Chance the Rapper
Alessia Cara
Maren Morris
 Kelsea Ballerini
The Chainsmokers


58th GRAMMY Awards Predictions

57th GRAMMY Awards Predictions

56th GRAMMY Awards Predictions

42 thoughts on “GRAMMY Awards

  1. I’m really glad you have Kendrick Lamar for his “I” record. Lana Del Rey.. she lost this year; but Ultraviolence had amazing production. As for Best New Artist.. Fka Twigs has a good buzz and LP1 was uniquely organic. I wished she could be in that category. Funny you put Schoolboy Q for rap album. I put that on my prediction list at the beginning of the year and everyone disagreed on if he would even make it. Also, Childish Gambino’s album had futuristic production that no rapper has thought of; plus his vocals are better than most rappers I’ve heard in the last few years. Jhene Aiko had a hit song but her album didn’t really follow up. Her EP Sail Out was a lot better in my opinion. Record of the year.. Jack White.

    Take Care

  2. Chrisbrown’s show me or main chick shouldn’t they be in rnb nomination these songs have good chance & what abt new flame???

  3. So here goes. Big Gaga fan but I’m not going to be foolish and say Artpop will win anything.

    Winner predictions after much thought.
    Album of the year: Beyoncé – Beyoncé.
    Record of the year: Happy – Pharell Williams.
    Song of the year – Stay with me – Sam Smith.
    (But I wish Sia would win for Chandelier)
    Pop Album – Sam Smith – In the lonely hour
    (Again, wish 1000 forms of fear would win)
    Pop solo – Sia – Chandelier.
    Pop Duo – Katy & Juicy J – Dark Horse
    (Fancy should win and do what u want should be nominated)
    Rap collaboration – Drunk in love.
    ( Fancy should win)
    Best new artist – Sam Smith

    1. My winner predictions:
      Record of the Year:Taylor Swift-Shake ItOff
      Song of the Year: Stay With Me-Sam Smith
      Album of the Year:Sam Smith
      Pop solo:Taylor Swift
      Pop duo Dark Horse Katy Perry
      Pop album Sam Smith
      Best new artist:Sam Smith

    1. Hello… Those are the latest predictions. I update them every month. The next and final update will be on Nov. 30th but there might be only some slight changes in the General field

  4. Lady Antebellum should get a nomination for their 747
    The album is truly unique!
    Bartender should win them a Grammy!!

  5. Beyoncé should not win including Bastille,Meghan Trainor, Jack White and Magic. Ariana Grande, Sam Smith, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Pharrell, Let It Go song and Ed Sheeran should be big winners in the next Grammy awards next year on February.

      1. Yeah I know. The reason for her nods are more based on popularity, than anything else. I considered her a lock for Pop Vocal Album as well as Pop Duo/Group for “Dark Horse”

  6. This Is my thoughts:
    Record of The Year:
    Pharrell Williams-Happy, Taylor Swift-Shake It Off, Katy Perry Ft. Juicy J-Dark Horse, Iggy Azalea Ft. Charlie XCX-Fancy, MAGIC!-Rude
    NOTE: Pompeii was released in Jan 2013! Drunk In Love wasn’t a full shine in 2013-14 for me.

    Song Of The Year:
    Let It Go, Chandelier, Happy, Unconditionally, Boom Clap
    NOTE: XO might have been written by great writers but I don’t feel it as a SOTY. Stay With Me (same with XO)

    Album of The Year:
    Beyonce-Beyonce, Sam Smith-In The Lonely Hour, Katy Perry-PRISM, Pharrell Williams-G I R L, Ed Sheeran-X
    NOTE: I felt these were very successful this year, last too.

    Best New Artist:
    Iggy Azalea, Sam Smith, Ariana Grande, Charlie XCX, Meghan Tranior
    NOTE: Didn’t feel Bastille and Cole standed out as much as these artist.

      1. But sometimes popularity has a lot to do. For example, Katy Perry with 11 nods and no wins. It somehow shows that she gets nominated based on her popularity rather than her artistry.

  7. this year is gonna be the year where Katy gets a lot of nominations (i’m expecting for her to get 3 to 5 nominations but still she doesn’t have a lot of chances to win)

    i’m 100% sure she will be nominated for:

    1) Pop Album for Prism (in this nomination she will be against Sia’s 1000 Forms Of Fear and Sam’s In The Lonely Hour, she doesn’t have any chance to win)

    2) Pop Solo Performance for Unconditionally (just like in the Pop Album category she will be against Sia’s Chandelier and Sam’s Stay With Me, she won’t win again)

    3) Pop Performace Duo/Group for Dark Horse ( i really believe this is the nomination where she can finally take her first Grammy, but there’s a lot of great contenders like Say Something by A Great Big World and maybe Do What You Want can ger a nomination but still i think Katy may win this)

    and she may be nominated for:
    4) Song Of The Year for Dark Horse
    5) Recording Of The Year for Dark Horse

    if Katy gets nominated for any of these categories, she will have a hard way to win it because she will be against Let It Go, Happy, Stay With Me, Chandelier and Drunk In Love)

    1. I’d also say she’s a sure bet for Pop Album, Solo and Duo/Group. But I think her chances for the general field are very slim. Specially for Song of the Year. Anyhow, 3 nods will break her previous record of 2 lol.

      I like your predictions, by the way. And thanks for commenting

    1. I wouldn’t count out Guitarist Denis Taaffe ‘s Modern rock guitar vol. 181 ‘Nebula’ album in the best contemporary Instrumental album category.he should get a Grammy just for the number of albums his done.

  8. Stop hating about Lady Gaga.

    I think that she could be nominated to Pop Duo/Group Performance with Do What U Want Ft. R. Kelly

    And also Pop Album (ARTPOP have a lots of better vocal performances than Applause, just like MANiCURE, Do What U Want, Dope, Gypsy or ARTPOP song)

    And she could be nominated in Jazz categories with Check to Check with the Legendary Tony Bennett)

    1. LOL. I don’t hate Lady Gaga at all. As a matter of fact, I believe she should have taken Album of the Year for The Fame instead of Taylor’s Fearless back in 2010. But, the thing is that ARTPOP was a flop. It only sold around 700,000 copies in the U.S. while her previous two albums were certified double platinum and it received mixed reviews. She was nowhere to be found on GRAMMYs radar last year. She did not even perform at the ceremony. On top of that, its lead single “Applause” was submitted to four categories last year and did not get any nomination. Therefore, her chances even at Pop Duo/Group are very slim.

      Now, her upcoming record Cheek to Cheek with Tony Bennett could be a major contender for Traditional Pop Album (and not in the jazz categories). But, we still have to wait for its September release.

      1. If Do What U Want video had happened, pretty sure it would have been nominated for Pop Duo. It was a critical and commercial success minus the video.

  9. Why snub Paramore and Gaga? Seriously i think “Ain’t It Fun” has a HUGE change do be SoTY and/or RoTY and could dominate the Pop and/or Rock categories. Plus i think ARTPOP has a good change of a nom for AoTY and/or Pop Vocal Album.

    1. Hey there.. And thanks for commenting

      For Paramore: Well, “Ain’t It Fun” did not became the superhit that a radio-friendly songs need to get GRAMMY consideration. Therefore, I would not even call it longshot in RoTY or SoTY. If any chance, Best Pop/Duo Group.

      Now Gaga. Had Artpop been released in September last year. It would have probably secured a nomination for Pop Vocal Album. But, now all the buzz for the album has passed (and did not really last long), and the fact that “Applause” did not receive any nomination gives little chance to Gaga to grab a nod. However, some forum users from GoldDerby are predicting “Do What U Want” to make it to Best Music Video.

    2. Sorry, but I dont think Aint it Fun was as successful as some of the other contestants, like Happy, Chandelier etc. Plus I feel Lady Gaga is dying from Pop 😦

  10. I think “Stay with me” goes to song of the year, and also “All of me”, by John Legend. I`m not sure about “Let it go”. But your predictions are good.

    1. Hello and thanks for the feedback !

      I also had “All of Me” by John Legend on my predictions for Song of the Year. But, apparently this song was already submitted into this category at the GRAMMYs this year making it ineligible for next. Like I said, I cannot confirm that because the submissions’ lists are not available for the public and we can only get some leaks.

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