Album of the Year

The following contenders are listed in order of likelihood of being nominated. (Updated: 10/31/14)


Beyoncé ─ Beyoncé

  • Field: R&B
  • GRAMMY Record: 17 wins / 46 nods

2014 has been a great year for Beyoncé: Her eponymous fifth studio album has sold 2 million copies worldwide and has been critically-embraced; she’s received alot of media buzz for her marriage with Jay-Z; and most importantly, she’s a longtime NARAS favourite.


Jack White ─ Lazaretto

  • Field: Alternative
  • GRAMMY Record: 8 wins / 24 nods

Lazaretto, Jack White’s sophomore solo album is being considered one of the best albums of the year. And White’s incursion into Americana music will certainly give him a boost in the general field among the conservative voters.


Eminem ─ The Marshall Mathers LP 2

  • Field: Rap
  • GRAMMY Record: 13 wins / 39 nods

Eminem’s eight studio album was both the critic’s and public’s favourite by the end of 2013. Now, it’s been almost a year sinceThe Marshall Mathers LP 2 was released and it might not be under the GRAMMYs’ radar anymore. But, if the NARAS wants to grand a spot to a rap album, Eminem has the best shot.


Sam Smith ─ In The Lonely Hour

  • Field: Pop
  • GRAMMY Record: Never nominated

Almost every music magazine, critics, and forum participants are listing Sam Smith’s debut album, In the Lonely Hour, among the strongest contender for the AoTY race. The reason behind this is all the attention he’s gathered within the music industry within the months leading up to the GRAMMY nods.

Sia_-_1000_Forms_of_Fear_(Official_Album_Cover) Sia ─ 1000 Forms of Fear

  • Field: Pop
  • GRAMMY Record: 0 wins / 1 nod

Sia rose to stardom by writing pop hits for Madonna, Rihanna, Britney Spears, and the like. She was also a major collaborator for EDM artists. But in 2014, she released 1000 Forms of Fear —her first record in four years and sixth album overall; receiving universal acclaim. The massive success of her melancholic tune “Chandelier” (with its accompanying video), her earth-shattering vocals, and her media-shy persona have definitely made her a strong contender for the top prize.


Other contenders

  • The Black Keys — Turn Blue
  • Eric Church — The Outsiders
  • Lana del Rey — Ultraviolence
  • U2 — Songs of Innocence
  • Pharrell Williams — G I R L 

6 thoughts on “Album of the Year

  1. So, AOTY. I don’t think Pharrell Williams is strong contender for this category. I don’t even see him winning Best Pop Vocal Album. I believe Frozen (Soundtrack) could take his spot due to the commercial success of the album (that seems to be the only reason why albums get nominated). Although, now that Lana’s Ultraviolence is out and that the Grammys are noticing her finally, we could see her getting nominated, since I think it’s safe to say she’ll win for Best Alternative Music Album (yet again Vampire Weekend was snubbed in this category despite the high critical acclaim received by Modern Vampires of the City).

    1. Hey there thanks for commenting,

      I do believe that Pharrell’s competitiveness (in this category) have been declining. However, the massive success of “Happy” is one keeps him as a lock.

      Now about Lana, I do hope NARAS notices her for Album of the Year but it is still to early to say. We have to see how much exposure (in the Academy) she gets in the upcoming months and she might also content this category. Now, I’m not sure if Ultraviolence will be submitted to Pop or Alternative (Paradise and Born to Die were both in Pop). Ultraviolence is different, I know. But the Academy has some weird rules when defining “alternative”. But if she’s in, she’ll definitely get it. And even at Pop. Her strongest contender is probably Katy Perry and Perry won’t win for Prism.

      1. Hello there (again)! I see your ‘Happy’ point. The single will definitely be a lock in the Record and Song of the Year categories. However, GIRL is not that good (I mean, have you heard another song from the album that is not Happy?). Now, I’m glad you agree with me on Lana Del Rey. I do hope she qualifies for the Alternative Music Album category, because if she gest stuck in the pop category, she may actually lose to Katy Perry. You’re right when you say Prism shouldn’t win, but Katy hasn’t win a Grammy yet, and that could make everyone vote for her, just to give her at least one award.

        P.D. Hopefully we’ll see Lana up for Best Pop Solo Performance for West Coast.

  2. Macklemore and JT are locks. I strongly suspect that Vampire Weekend and David Bowie will get nominations. The remaining spot will go to Bruno or Daft Punk. Taylor Swift will not be getting an AOTY nomination this year.

  3. i don’t buy RED as a near-lock in this category. there are always some big favorites released during 1st part of eligibility period that is snubbed.
    Mars had two singles that reached no. 1 on BH100 so it’s more of a lock to me. Swift can be the big album absent from the lineup like Take Care last year, Speak Now, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, The Blueprint 3, Black Ice, and especially – As I Am 😉

    a month ago i thought that Queens of Stone Age’s album can fill the rock slot, but after falling off B200 chart 2 weeks ago – i don’t think that is a big possibility.

    right now i see Macklemore, Bruno & Justin as near-locks here, and Vampire Weekend, Lorde & Daft Punk fighting for the last 2 spots.

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