The #PanAmericanSong contest is a Eurovision based online game where players from around the world compete with a song from a country from the Americas. The idea is to discover, share, and promote new and diverse music from the Americas in the best Eurovision style possible.

Rules for players of the 2017 #PanAmericanSong


There must be a minimum of twenty (20) players. If there are more than twenty-six (26) participants, one or two semi-final(s) will be held.


You may only compete with one country; any country or territory from the Americas is eligible to participate. The list of available countries and territories will be updated daily on Twitter

Countries are taken on a first come-first serve basis.


The artist you select must be a national or resident of the country you are playing with. Or at least have some connection to it (i.e. Edsilia Rombley’s parents are from Aruba). In the case of a duo, group or collaboration; half of the members of the group must be from the country you are playing with.

Try to select emerging artists; participants from competition shows; artists active on social media, so we can even interact with them.

Do not select internationally known superstars (i.e. Lady Gaga for the U.S.; Justin Bieber for Canada). This would be a clear disadvantage to other participants and remember the idea is to promote new music.


You can select a song from the list of eligible songs per country that available here or you can choose one your own, as long as they meet the following requirements:

  • The song must not have been published before May 1, 2016. Some exceptions may apply.
  • Covers and/or songs containing political messages are NOT allowed.


To find songs, explore charts by country from Spotify; iTunes; ReverbNation; Los 40 Principales: or from YouTube playlists.


The voting system is the same as of Eurovision with a 50/50 jury and public voting.

Jury: Each player vote for their Top 10 entries in Eurovision style (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12). And of course, you cannot vote for the country you are playing with. NOTE: If you fail to submit your votes by the deadline, you will lose all the points you received from the jury.

Public: The public will be able to vote once but for as many songs as they want on a poll that will be published on this site. The votes will then be converted into the same amount of points given by the jury.


All the songs will be available via a YouTube playlist.

The jury voting will be presented on ScoreWiz while the public and final results will be presented (as of now) on Twitter.

However, if you want to take this to the next level and submit your video presenting your douze points or collaborate on any kind of multimedia presentation, contact me!

Social media

You may promote your song on social media however, you cannot reveal your vote until after the final.

If you are found harassing other players or discouraging other entries, you will be eliminated from the game.


The dates are yet to be determined. Applications are now open but the contest will start after the Eurovision final on May 13.

The dates will be published once the minimum number of twenty (20) participants have been reached.

Interested in playing?

Contact me on Twitter @ToniKuKo or by e-mail: