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58th GRAMMYs: Odds for Best New Artist

Image from Twitter @CBSThisMorning
Image from Twitter @CBSThisMorning

You already got the odds for two of the big four awards at the GRAMMYs, Record of the Year and Song of the Year. Now, it’s time to take a look at Best New Artist.

The Best New Artist (BNA) award goes to the artist(s) only. Academy guidelines described it as the award “for a new artist who releases, during the Eligibility Year, the first recording which establishes the public identity of that artist.”

There’s been much discussion and controversy on what is considered a “new” artist. For example, in 2001 country singer-songwriter Shelby Lynne won this Continue reading “58th GRAMMYs: Odds for Best New Artist”

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bestsongsof2015It is Christmas Day and there are only five days to go for 2016. And I couldn’t let this year without letting you know which were the songs I considered the best of 2015. (This delayed list was due to travel)

It was a very difficult task to come up with a list of only ten songs. That it’s why I decided to include only those songs that were released as singles in 2015. Regardless of their original release date through an album, EP, music video, etc. As a result, this list has a more commercial and radio-friendly approach than my best albums list. Continue reading “TOP TEN: BEST SONGS OF 2015”

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bestalbumsof2015As 2015 is wrapping up and we take a break from the GRAMMYs until January (when new predictions come out). It is time to look at what this year gave us in music.
I am not a professional musician nor a music critic. I am just a fan. Therefore, I define a great album as one that captivates you from the very first song and makes you want to listen to it multiple times.
Ranging from synthpop to hip-hop to psychedelic rock. Here are the albums I considered the best of the year:

Continue reading “TOP TEN: BEST ALBUMS OF 2015”

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58th GRAMMY Nominees Announced: Analysis and reactions

3813bcd3d4accb7634eea23a2a7ab190.1000x1000x1The speculation is over. We know all of the nominees. And everybody is now talking about who got snubbed and who made a surprise. In reality, there were no major snubs or any jaw-dropping surprises.

Several media outlets talked about Justin Bieber and Luke Bryan getting snubbed, as they were among the top-selling artists of the year. However, commercial success is not a big indicator at the GRAMMYs. And also, neither of them were top contenders in the general field. Bieber, on the other hand, is a favourite to win Best Dance Recording. So, keep calm beliebers.

But the most  Continue reading “58th GRAMMY Nominees Announced: Analysis and reactions”